Full Range of Specialties at Daouk Orthopaedics

At Daouk Orthopaedics we offer a comprehensive range of highly specialized orthopedic treatments and care for the knee, hip, ankle, foot, shoulder, elbow and wrist at our Doctor Philips area office in Orlando Florida.

  • B

    • Bankart repair

  • C

    • Carpal tunnel decompression
    • Cartilage repair
    • Cortisone injection

  • D

    • De Quervain’s Tendinitis Release

  • J

    • Joint replacement

  • L

    • Ligament reconstruction of shoulder
    •  Labral repair

  • N

    • Nerve decompression

  • U

    • Unicompartmental knee replacement

  • V

    • Viscosupplemenation Injections

Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repairs & Shoulder Replacement

Dr. Daouk performs minimally invasive arthroscopic rotator cuff repair surgery to repair damaged rotator cuffs. He also has years of experience performing shoulder replacement surgery and helping improve pain and restore shoulder movement in patients with chronically painful arthritis and damaged muscles.

Total Knee Replacement & ACL Reconstruction

We use the total knee replacement or knee arthroplasty surgical procedure to remove and replace the knee joint’s damaged surfaces, with artificial parts. Dr. Daouk also specializes in ACL reconstruction in which a torn or damaged anterior cruciate ligament in the knee is replaced for the patient to regain full mobility, function & stability of the affected knee.

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

If you are experiencing intolerable hip pain, our direct anterior hip replacement approach may be an option for you. This surgery is performed through the front of the hip and is similar to a full hip replacement procedure. It is highly effective in getting the person back to their previous activity levels and on their feet much quicker.

Robotic Assisted Surgery

We offer robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery for patients that have lost most of their knee function and require knee replacement. Robotics and the patented technology ensures accuracy and bone resections and implants can be placed perfectly. Dr. Daouk specializes in this procedure which offers patients improved mobility and optimal results.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Daouk Orthopaedics offers minimally invasive surgery for a variety of joints & ailments, including arthroscopic surgery as well as minimally invasive knee and hip surgery. These types of procedures provide the potential for a faster recovery period in comparison to traditional surgeries. Dr Daouk has decades of experience providing innovative surgical techniques. He may suggest this surgical option for certain patients with diseased or damaged bones or joints.

Sports Medicine

Daouk Orthopaedics offers world-class sports medicine services for ACL and tendon tears, dislocations and fractures, shoulder injuries and more. We treat student, college and professional athletes and anyone with a musculoskeletal condition or injury which affects daily life. We will conduct a thorough evaluation `{`remove and diagnosis} to devise a treatment plan that will get you back to doing the activities you enjoy.

Fracture Treatment

Fractures need immediate treatment to promote faster and proper healing. Dr Daouk and his team are experts at diagnosing & treating common fractures. We provide appropriate care that helps minimize swelling and pain to keep you comfortable. The doctor treats most types of fractures, including ankle fractures and wrist fractures.