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Highland City Shoulder Replacement

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If you have suffered from long standing shoulder pain due to end-stage shoulder arthritis, the pain can be unbearable. The condition affects your ability to perform everyday activities such as lifting above your head and reaching behind you. Even movements such as turning a steering wheel can cause discomfort.

Advances in the medical field now allow for total shoulder replacement. This surgery helps reduce pain, enhance function and strength while restoring mobility in affected patients. At Daouk Orthopaedics, a short drive from Highland City, we offer shoulder replacement surgery.

Dr. Ayman Daouk is a renowned fellowship-trained, board-certified orthopedic surgeon near Highland City. He is highly experienced in conducting different types of shoulder replacement surgeries.


Symptoms Indicating You Might Need Shoulder Replacement Surgery near Highland City


The most common reason people have this shoulder replacement surgery is when they suffer from chronic shoulder pain (a result of arthritis or injury) that cannot be improved with nonsurgical treatment options such as medications and injections. The common reasons why you might need shoulder replacement near Highland City include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Stiffness in the shoulder related to cartilage degeneration
  • Poor results from a previous shoulder-related surgery
  • Severe damage to the bone near the shoulder
  • Badly torn/damaged shoulder tissues


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The Diagnosis Process Dr. Daouk Follows


These different symptoms indicate that the cartilage surrounding the bone forming the ball and socket joint has worn away, causing the bones to rub against one another. Your evaluation process will include:

  • A thorough physical exam
  • Discussion of your medical history
  • Standard X-rays will be ordered
  • Advanced imaging such as a CT scan or MRI may be required to evaluate your bone integrity and to determine the status of the soft tissues, such as the rotator cuff tendons
  • If there is possible nerve damage, a nerve conduction study or EMG test may be ordered. This test will help evaluate the nerves leading to the shoulder’s vital muscles.

You will find that Dr. Daouk does all these things in an unhurried manner, explain your diagnosis and treatment options, and will answer all your questions. Every patient and their medical condition and history are different. Dr. Daouk uses his vast experience and diagnostic skills to determine an individualized treatment program that is best for your condition.


About Shoulder Replacement Surgery


Shoulder replacement is surgery used to replace the bones of the shoulder joint with artificial joint parts. This is how the doctor conducts the surgery:

You will first receive anesthesia. Most patients will receive general anesthesia with the addition of a nerve block around the shoulder to minimize pain after surgery.

Often, a preoperative CT scan is used to manufacture cutting guides that are specific to each patient’s bone structure, allowing a better fit of the implants.

The surfaces of the bones are removed and replaced with metal and plastic pieces to cover the bone ends and allow the joint to move in a smooth fashion. Stability is checked to make sure the joint is not too loose. If any muscles or tendons were detached to access the joint, they are then repaired securely.

You will start therapy after your replacement and use a sling intermittently for comfort.


Types of Highland City Shoulder Replacement


The shoulder is a typical ball and socket joint. The arm bone’s round end fits into the shoulder blade’s socket (opening at the end). This joint helps you move your arm in almost all directions. Depending on the nature of the injury/deterioration in your shoulder joint, you may need a total shoulder replacement, reverse total shoulder replacement, or partial shoulder replacement. Here we look at what is involved in these procedures:


Highland City Total Shoulder Replacement


  • Total shoulder replacement, or total shoulder arthroplasty, is surgery used to remove portions of the shoulder joint. These are replaced with specialized artificial implants to restore mobility and range of motion while reducing pain. It is an incredibly effective procedure for treating severe pain and stiffness in the shoulder caused by end-stage arthritis.
  • If only one of these two bones needs replacing, the procedure is called a hemiarthroplasty (partial shoulder replacement near Highland City).



Highland City Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement


  • The socket and metal ball positions are switched
  • The shoulder blade connects to the metal ball
  • The arm bone is where the socket will be attached
  • This surgical procedure is used when there are severe fractures in the shoulder or severe damage to the rotator cuff tendons

Reverse total shoulder replacement does require any tendons to hold it firmly in position. The deltoid muscle (not the rotator cuff tendon) controls its motion. This aspect makes it the perfect solution when a damaged shoulder needs completely new surfaces, but its soft tissues are not healthy enough to support movement and stabilization. Dr. Daouk recommends reverse total shoulder replacement for patients that have significant shoulder arthritis along with a severe, irreparable rotator cuff tear.


During the shoulder joint replacement, the doctor will:


  • Make an incision over your shoulder joint, opening the joint
  • Remove the top (head) of your humerus (upper arm bone)
  • Cement the stem and metalhead into place
  • Smooth the old socket’s surface and cement the new part in position
  • Close the incision using sutures or staples
  • Place a bandage (dressing) over your wound
  • This surgical procedure typically takes 1-2 hours.



Are You A Good Candidate For Shoulder Replacement Surgery?


Some patients are not suitable candidates for this surgical procedure, including individuals that:

  • Have symptoms which are not particularly disabling
  • Have active infections
  • Experience loss or paralysis/loss of both the deltoid and rotator cuff muscles
  • Have a progressive nervous system disease that has affected the shoulder joint

Dr. Daouk is thorough in his assessment. As mentioned earlier, every patient is different, and he will decide the best plan of action on a case-by-case basis.


The Prognosis



Shoulder replacement surgery is effective in relieving stiffness and pain for most patients. You should be able to get back to your regular activities without too much trouble after a period of rehabilitation. Many individuals return to selected sports, including bowling, gardening, swimming, golf, etc., very quickly. Once the prosthetic has been placed in the shoulder, that joint lasts longer if you put less stress on it.


With regular activity and use, your replaced shoulder joint can last for at least ten years. As you can see, the prognosis of shoulder replacement is excellent. However, this surgery also requires the kind of experience and expertise that Dr. Daouk has acquired.


At our practice, we place our patients at the center of everything we do. Our offices are comfortable, and you will find that our staff is courteous, friendly, and helpful. The use of the latest medical technology and procedures ensures positive results. The doctor is always easily accessible, and we offer world-class medical services to our patients.